ZBTS Series Transfer Switch


In critical applications such as hospitals, data centers and airports, power cannot be interrupted for maintenance of automatic transfer switches. In such circumstances, a bypass-isolation switch is essential and is often required by code.

GE Zenith Controls ZBTS Series Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches are the solution when interruption of power during service or testing is not acceptable.

Consisting of two major modules-the Automatic Transfer (ATS) and the Bypass-Isolation Switch-the ZBTS Series incorporates the rugged construction of all our ZTS Series automatic switches with a quick make/quick break bypass switch manual load transfer handle and our control/interlock system, which consists of both mechanical and electrical interlocks.

The bypass uses normal failure sensing and a time delay to start the engine automatically if a failure occurs when the ATS has been removed for service-which can be done without disturbing the load.

features & benefits

- Load is not interrupted during bypass & isolation operation
- High close-in and withstand capacity
- Temperature rise test per UL 1008 conducted after overload and endurance tests in unventilated enclosure-exceeds UL requirements
- Available in ZBTS (utility-generator), ZBTSU (utility-utility), ZBTSG (generator-generator) and ZBTSM (manual) configurations
- Automatic transfer switch is located on a draw-out mechanism to facilitate maintenance
- Emergency power systems can be electrically tested without disturbing the load
- Power cables do not have to be disconnected to remove automatic transfer switch
- Bypass to any available source with ATS removed
- Engine start circuit maintained during bypass operation; normal power failure causes engine start contact closure even with the ATS removed
- Diagnostic lights and detailed instructions for simple step-by-step operation
- Mechanical and electrical interlocks ensure proper sequence of operation
- Bypass switch contacts are closed only during the bypass-isolation operation
- Silverplated copper bus interconnection of the transfer and bypass switches on all sizes

Product Scope
- Ratings 100 to 4000 amperes - 2, 3 or 4 poles
- Open type, NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12
- Bypass and automatic transfer switch have identical ratings
- Suitable for emergency and standby applications on all classes of load, 100% tungsten rated through 400A
- UL 1008 listed at 480 VAC
- CSA C22.2 No. 178 certified at 600 VAC
- IEC 947-6-1 listed at 480 VAC
- Seismic certified to IEEE-693-2005 at HIGH level with 2.5 amplification factor
- Seismic certified to IBC-2006 at Ip=1.5 for z/h less than or equal to 1

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